May 2018: Complete development of investment platform and beta launch with bug bounty program

May 2018: Begin making deals to have LVR listed on cryptocurrency exchanges

July 2018: Alpha (main) launch of platform

August 2018: Implementation of a referral system: earn rewards for promoting Lavenir and referring users to the site

September 2018: Writing of rewards contract to pay dividends to token holders, first disbursement of dividends

October 2018: Addition of an on-site cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell LVR tokens

January 2019: Addition of an on-site fiat exchange to buy and sell LVR tokens

February 2019: Introduction of voting system on site proposals

May 2019 (and beyond): Introduction of new investment opportunities, providing more ways to earn returns on your cryptocurrency holdings

August 2019 (and beyond): Form business partnerships to promote further growth of the platform