The ICO will begin on May 4 12:00 PM UTC and conclude on September 4 11:00 AM UTC

ICO Price: 1 ETH=1000 LVR Tokens

ICO Investment Address: 0xC9167F51CDEa635634E6d92D25664379dde36484

No KYC, no pre-registration. Just send your Ethereum to the above address and receive your tokens instantly. It’s as simple as that!

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to send investments with a gas limit of 200,000 or higher. Transactions with a lower gas limit may fail. Excess gas fees are refunded to the sender so users don’t need to worry about overpaying on gas fees.

To watch the token in your Ethereum wallet, enter the following information:

Symbol: LVR 

Contract Address: 0x7095e151abd19e8c99abdfb4568f675f747f97f6 (Do not send Ethereum here)

Decimals: 18

Tokens will be sent directly to the Ethereum wallet used to invest immediately after the Ethereum is sent.

The total token supply is 10 million Lavenir tokens.

Of this:

-a maximum of 8 million tokens (80%) will be sold during the ICO.

-The Lavenir team will retain 1.5 million tokens (15%).

-500,000 tokens (5%) will be used for bug bounty programs as soon as the beta version of the site is released

If the ICO does not sell out, the number of tokens retained by the team will be reduced to 15% of the total supply, and the number of tokens reserved for bug bounties will be reduced to 5% of the total supply based on the actual number of tokens sold. The excess tokens will be burned.

60% of investments made during the ICO will be used for the creation and maintenance of the Lavenir lending platform. 20% of the funds will be used for marketing and to pay fees to have the Lavenir token listed on exchanges. The remaining 20% of the funds will be held for future development of the site.

The LVR Token is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Investments will be made directly to the Ethereum ICO address from the investor’s wallet. Tokens will be disbursed through an Ethereum smart contract. As previously mentioned, they will be sent directly to the Ethereum wallet used to invest immediately after the Ethereum contribution is sent. It is very important to note that under no circumstances should an investor send Ethereum to the ICO address directly from an exchange because they will lose access to their tokens.

Lavenir tokens represent ownership (or a share) of the platform, and only the Lavenir token holders have ownership of the platform. Token holders will receive a proportional amount of the profits generated through the site’s cryptocurrency trading and on-site exchange fees paid quarterly. Profits will be paid in Ethereum to all token holders. A smart contract will be written to process dividends to token holders. Further information on this will be made available in the period leading up to the first disbursement of payments.

In addition to this, token holders will also have voting rights to vote on site proposals (examples: adjust daily interest rates on investments, add or remove a cryptocurrency from investment options, adjust on-site LVR token exchange fees, offer additional services, etc.) In so doing, token holders will have a major impact on the decisions made by the site. They can even submit their proposals for other token holders to vote on, in which case a minimum of 50,000 LVR is required to submit a proposal.

The beta version of the Lavenir platform is currently under construction and is expected to be released within 2-3 weeks of the ICO ending. Announcements will be made regarding bug bounties within 1 week of the beta site being launched. Following the launch of the Beta version, all lending services offered will be fully functional, and the site will be ready to accept investments. Beta testing is currently scheduled to last approximately 8 weeks before the alpha version of the site is released.